I don't always have a shape in mind when looking at a piece of briar.Sometimes looking at the grain will give me an idea before I start as with this piece.A beautiful straight grain resembling feral stripes on a cat. I carved this pipe as a salute to the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team.

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I grew up living most of my life in Lexington , Kentucky.My father owned and operated a small floor covering store in which I eventually joined and later became a partner of.Having worked in and around construction for over 30 years, I am  comfortable working with tools and being in a wood shop environment. It was only natural for me to end up working with wood as a past time.I smoked a pipe in my earlier years but changed to cigarettes for the convenience which soon  became more of habit instead of enjoyment.I had always loved the beauty of a pipe and the aroma of the tobacco which is the main reason I went back to it.Taking a trip to the local pipe shop for a new pipe was an eye opening experience.I was mesmerized by the new styles and workmanship of a simple pipe becoming a work of art.It was inevitable for me to give carving one a try.After my first pipe was finished I could hardly wait to start another one.That was almost six years ago and I steal feel the same way. I believe a good pipe should be pleasing to the eye,have a good draw,comfortable to hold,and give a cool smoke.That is what I look for and that is what I try to achieve.