Jax Kentucky Pipes​ 

 Original Design And One Of A Kind

Making pipes is something I have enjoyed for the past several years. Ever sense my first pipe kit I was hooked.Learning from trial an error,I have over the years 

increased a lot of knowledge in the art of pipe making.Of course I did a lot of research on every article I could find on the subject which I'll have to say is very little. Most pipe artisans tend to keep their secrets unless they choose an apprentice to carry on their work. I'll also have to give a lot of credit to Google as it became one of my best friends in an attempt to find a resolve for a few stumps in the road.With a lot of patience and a desire to accomplish any task,You can do anything.

Smoking Pipes Gallery

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Made from morta (bog oak)with a faux brair acrylic stem.This small churchwarden egg shape  is made with a rustication similar to reptilian skin.

Copyright @ Jack Isaacs Jax Kentucky Pipes. All rights reserved.